me, myself...and I

Georges is the leader of several groups and regularly performs as a clarinettist - saxophonist and also as a crooner in concerts, festivals and private parties.



Parity quartet (2 males – 2 females) clarinet, trumpet, banjo, tuba. Highly dynamic jazz music.

Vieil Orléans Orchestra

This quintet sounds like a big band of the thirties.

New Chocolate Dandies

The band gets on its crusade to revive and perpetuate the atmosphere, the sound and the style of Louis Armstrong « All Stars » of the fifties.

New Watergate

Leadership Michel Marcheteau

Perpetuation of the style and repertoire of Lu Watters - the famous californian trumpet player - « architect » of the jazz revival of the fourties.

Quintette de Paris

Swingly brings back to Fats Waller and Billy Holiday era with songs by Gershwin, Kern, Berlin, Porter, Trenet, Misraki…

Golf Swingers

Musically enhances the smooth ambiance of luxury hotels.

Running Wilders

Legitimate continuators of Benny Goodman’s swing heritage.

San Francisco Jazz Band

Ragtime and Cakewalk style

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